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Tools & Lessons: Precise Scraping

With KING-WAY Scraping Consultants in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, you will find the finest scraping tools and expert training in the art of hand scraping. Additionally, we offer machine repair instruction from a skilled and experienced instructor.


Training Courses

We provide quality industrial adult education in precision machine tool building and repair. Our seminars specialize in hand and power scraping instruction, including the use of BIAX™ tools.  


Hobbyist Shop Scraping - Scraping Tools

How We Can Help You

At KING-WAY Scraping Consultants, we guarantee honesty, integrity, and great value in all of our products and services. After following one of our seminars, several of our customers have reported quality improvements of up to 98%. By joining our training program, we promise at least a 50% increase in scraping productivity, preventive maintenance, and rebuilding.

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Machine Repair Lessons

Learn to hand and power scrape 20 points per inch (PPI) in just one week, or 40 PPI in as short as two weeks. Additionally, understand the basics of leveling, aligning, plastic scraping, and wear strip materials for machine repair.

During the class, we use your tools to rebuild your equipment while you learn. So far, we taught machine repair to more than 20,000 students. We also have a 60-minute DVD to help teach the basics of machine repair.


Hand & Power Scraping DVD

We also offer additional educational resources for a 3-part Demo DVD of Hand Scraping, Power Scraping, and Scraping that you can purchase


Machine Tool Reconditioning

We also offer additional educational resources that is in stock with 532 pages of information on hand scraping, power scraping, and scraping with photos and illustrations by Edward Connelly. Click learn more if you are interested in purchasing the book


Cast Iron Straight Edge Casting

Offer different sizes for 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", 50",72". Click learn more if you are interested in purchasing the different size tools.

About Our Training Program

Our seminars last from three to 14 days or more inside your shop/plant, or you can attend a class at our facility or at another company that is hosting one. Whether you just need a refresher course or training from the ground up, we design the course to fit your specific needs. Your staff will learn machine repair, building, and rebuilding techniques from a trained and experienced instructor. Some of our previous customers include:

  • More Than 200 Individual Machine Builders throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia
  • NSK™
  • United States Navy
  • Timken™

Our services also include maintaining and rebuilding conventional and CNC machines and we have even worked with DAPRA Corp™ to develop quality equipment for our customers. We also offer the installation of Rulon™ 142 and Turcite B™.

Richard at a Taiwan Scraping Seminar - Scraping Tools

Sales: Specialized Machines

We offer sales to provide you the tools you need to get the job done right. We also buy and sell tools and supplies necessary for maintaining your equipment as well as training you in how to build and rebuild machine tools.

What We Offer

We carry BIAX™ power and hand scrapers, KING-WAY alignment instruments and levels, water-soluble marking inks, and we provide maintenance service for all conventional and CNC machine tools. Additionally, we offer the sale and installation of Rulon™ 142.

Rulon 142™

Rulon 142™ is used in machine tool building. It allows for a precision fit on sliding surfaces, allowing you to achieve accuracies of .00005” per 12” for CNC and super-precision machine tools and .0002” per 12” on conventional machine tools like lathes, milling machines, and surface grinders. It will help you to increase the productivity of your machine-building division along with your maintenance department by ensuring accurate tolerances.

Rulon 142™ Scrape Tool 40 PPI

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If you are looking for first-class scraping tools, precision machines, and accessories, contact us. With our help, you will also get to learn more about machine repair.