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About KING-WAY Scraping Consultants

KING-WAY Scraping Consultants offers expert instruction in all facets of hand and machine scraping and provides you with the tools you need to get started. By learning this new skill, you open a range of opportunities in both business and productivity.

About the Owner

As the first commercial scraping instructor in the United States, Rich has more than 50 years of experience in the field of machine tool building, rebuilding, and scraping. Through the years, he has shared the techniques he learned from his famous father, Herman "Red" King, the inventor of the KING-WAY™ alignment instrument and developer of the KING-WAY brand of Cast Iron Straight-Edges.

TAMI Presenting Richard an Award
For His Contribution to Taiwan
Machine Building Companies

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Over the years, we have worked with several Fortune 500 companies in the United States and in Europe. Our seminars have been taught in the machine builder associations of TAMI™ and PMC in Taiwan for more than 30 years to increase quality and precision in new machines. Since then, we have trained roughly 20,000 men and women. Our happy customers include:

  • GM™
  • John Deere Tractor Works™
  • Cummins Engine™
  • Aero-Jet General
  • Carrier Corp.™
  • General Electric™
  • Gal Meyer & Livingston™
  • Oloffson™
  • Hurco
  • Spinner™ (Turkey)
  • PMC™ (Taiwan)
  • BIAX Factory (Germany)

Our services also include maintaining and rebuilding conventional and CNC machines and we have even worked with DAPRA Corp™ to develop quality equipment for our customers. We also offer the installation of Rulon™ 142 and Turcite B™ .


Our customers love the work that we have done with them. See what we can do for you by reading some of our testimonials below.

"Ever since you instructed our first group of rebuilders, we have had numerous requests to have you back to instruct the remaining rebuilders. Your ability to adjust your class to fit our needs left a lasting impression.

Even though our rebuilders are experienced at scraping, they learned new techniques to improve accuracy and efficiency. The rebuilders had a lot of praise regarding the class and recognized your expertise as you worked alongside them.

I strongly recommend King Way ... seminar for instruction in Basic 40/40 Hand and Advanced Machine scraping. It is excellent for anyone who is doing machine rebuilding or slide retrofitting."

- Norm J.

Supervisor Machine Rebuild • TIMKEN • Canton, OH 44706

"Machine tools are the basis of all industrial production. Neither car industry, medical health nor aeronautics could exist without precise machine-tools. And you should supply these precision factors with perfect scraping and alignment.

King Way has proved to be a most reliable and effective member of the scraping methods at our company. Our workers have learnt right technique of scraping and have been a good member of known power and hand scraping.

I strongly recommend King Way. It is excellent for anyone who is doing machine rebuilding and production machine tools. I would gladly answer any request for further information about King Way."

- Muharrem S. Erberdi

Assembly/Mechanical Engineer • Spinner Machine Tools Company • Istanbul, Turkey

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